Magic Act (2014)
Produced for USC Advanced Production Course, Spring 2014
Logline: A downtrodden magician rekindles his passion after an unlikely encounter with a young protégé.
Craig Watkinson
Zachary Rothman
Directed by Juan Luis Bravo
Written by Nicolette Daskalakis
Produced by Ben Chance and Maya Jackson
Cinematography by Luka Bazeli and Sean Roth
Production design by Natalia Brito and Jason Smith
Edited by Sally Kim and Lisa Knoll
Sound design by Jill Defiel and Cyril Wells
Fallen as Grace (2013)
Produced for USC Intermediate Production Course, Fall 2013
Logline: An abused woman receives an answer to her prayer when a guardian angel appears to help her leave her abusive relationship.
Written/Directed by Elle Callahan
Photographed/Edited by Sally Kim
Dispersion (2013)
Produced for USC Beginning Production Course, Spring 2013
Logline: An abstract, non-linear narrative about a woman stuck in a perpetual nightmare that forces her to re-live her abusive relationship and her untimely demise.
Produced by Skye Optican
Directed by Josh Rappaport
Shot by Luka Bazeli
Edited by Sally Kim
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